Down-Home Hospitality for Travelers

Are ya' in a hurry to fill yer gas tank and yer food tank up real quick-like? Need to get right back out there on the road? Ever wish you could take a daggum pit stop in a restroom that doesn't smell like Uncle Skeeter's 'coon dog pen? Or maybe you really need to get out of the car for a few minutes to stretch and let the kiddos run off a bit of that pent-up energy? While you’re at it, go ahead pass up the usual fast food mush for some good ole' fashioned home cookin' for a change.

Well, London Auto Truck is known far and wide for great home cooking, southern family hospitality, humor, clean restrooms, and pert-near everything a weary traveler might need while out on the road. Whether you have a hankerin’ for some good ole’ fashioned home cookin’, snacks, gifts, fresh fuel, or just some directions or local recommendations, London Auto Truck is your Kentucky Home on the Road.