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The London Auto Truck Center Family

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Carlene is our Food Service Manager. She moved 18 times before she was 18 years old. Yikes! The bright side is that the experience taught her to make friends quickly because she didn’t have much time to doddle. It also means that she is very friendly and rarely meets a stranger. That’s great for when you have such a large family as we do here at London Auto Truck! Her hobbies are working the family farm with her husband, gardening, and raising chickens, goats, black angus cattle, and various stray animals that have wandered in to find a good home. She loves working at the HomeCooker because it reminds her of a great big family gathering every day!


Whimpy is a music loving Blue Grass native who simply LOVES working with people. To those just meeting her, she may come across as very shy and quiet, but get her around snakes or a clap of thunder, and she comes right up out of her shell…. and her skin!


Flo is one of the best cooks you’ll find this side of the Mississippi! You’re not likely to see very much of her while you are here, though. That’s because she keeps herself pretty busy in the kitchen making you and a whole mess of your friends some of the best meals of your lives! And she takes pride in that, too! When she gets a chance to sneak out of the kitchen for a spell, Flo loves to spend her time camping, boating, and just hangin’ out with the grandkids. She has lived around here for more than 15 years, which she says is long enough to know that this is a great place to call home. So when you stop in for a bite, be sure to have one of the girls “Tell Flo hello!"


Born and bred in Kentucky, Teresa lives to cook. Her greatest joy comes from watching a guest’s face light up as they taste the food that she prepared for them. Teresa is an avid milk glass collector, and loves taking her little dog for long walks every day.